NP-FW50 Weight - varies

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Re: NP-FW50 Weight - varies

Just bought an A7R and a spare battery from a reputable camera store in my hometown who order all their stuff directly from Sony. The camera came with the older NP-FW50 type (grey print and 57 g) whereas the spare was of the newer design  sporting the embossed lettering and the hologram weighing about 42 g. When I asked them about the different types they confirmed that the latter actually is an updated version of the NP-FW50.

The main difference seems to be the much thinner case which can easily be deformed by just pinching it on the broad sides probably due to some more advanced, smaller and lightweight lithium cells. The old one feels more like a solid brick.

At least my newer one was also not "Made in Japan" anymore but says "Made in China" and quoting "Sony Electronic (Wuxi) Co." as the manufacturer. This is actually a Sony subsidiary and was founded in 2000 as a manufacturing plant for, well, lithium-ion batteries. Seems as if Sony have just moved their entire battery production to their Chinese subsidiary.

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