Shooting wedding with primes only

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Re: Shooting wedding with primes only

its not just about the f-stop

primes have features and flaws which make them great to shoot with in some circumstances

I doudt a speed boosted m43 arrangement would  be as satisfying/as sharp where it counts  as a Canon/nikon/sony whatever fullframe with a 35/50/85 f1.2-f2 depending on brand prime.

The nikon 50 AFD 1.4 at wide open is not a brilliant performer but used corectly gives a look that would otherwise require some post production to replicate

I prefer to shoot that way  its a bit old school  but so what.

Also I find the optical VF of DSLRS  far superior to any mirrorless system for quick composition and focus through the lens .I have used a D4 and it very very rarely misses a shot.even the D700

is pretty good . 5DMIII also not bad , and the 1DX kicks butt aswell

Shooting a wedding with a mirrorless camera would be like one of those bad dreams where everything goes wrong but you can't wake up..............

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