What's the noise inside FZ1000?

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Re: What's the noise inside FZ1000?

LesGarten wrote:

2stepbay wrote:

LesGarten wrote:

100% of the Fz1000's sound the same. It is working as designed and engineered.

…that in itself points to a bigger problem within Panasonic, especially given the marketing hype about the camera's video capabilities.

While I doubt Panasonic can fix the noise via a firmware update (seems the mechanical nature of the problem would require a mechanical fix), perhaps a firmware change could shut off the running motor when OIS is turned off.

I have a kitchen range that I have been having an issue with. It finally became apparent that it was working just like GE wanted it. They finally resorted to the phrase, "working as designed". This was after they replaced a ton of parts including the range. They never wanted to admit that they screwed up the original engineering.

I think Panasonic brought us a great Camera. But not foreseeing the effect of all that noise was poor foresight.

Thanks for your comments.

I ended up taking it back to the store either way as in comparison to the videos posted earlier mine seems pretty bad, you can hear it over air conditioning units in a stock room for example.

They have told me they will refund me if it comes down that the next one is the same as they have had nothing like that before, such a shame with this being a great all round camera and for only £600!

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