Sony A7R + 28-70 3.5 vs A7II + 55mm 2.8 Zeiss

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Re: Sony A7R + 28-70 3.5 vs A7II + 55mm 2.8 Zeiss

victorcabral wrote:

Hello Guys,

I'll travel to USA next month and I'm looking for a mirrorless camera for me. I worked with social photography for about 10 years until my Law degree, and now how I work as a Lawyer I'm selling my professional equipment and looking for a light-weight great quality option to take art and travel photographs.

I have two options in mind:

1) Sony A7R + Sony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6;

2) Sony A7 Mk II + Sony Sonnar FE 55mm f/2.8.

I want to spend US$ 2750 max (including taxes, Chicago).

What would you guys do? I'm having the common dilemma (better body + worse lens, worse body + better lens). Since It's my first mirrorless camera, I'm kinda lost in my decision.

Thanks in Advance!

Victor Cabral

Not sure what you are after, and what you are asking for.

The simple recommendation would be the A7 with the FE2870 and the FE55Z.

If you want a steal, get the A7. It is still being manufactured, and with the FE2870 you have the OSS anyways. Sure, you'd lose IBIS on the FE55Z, but this only affects (very) low light shooting, for which you could consider a tripod or bean bag as well.

IBIS is progressively more important for longer FL. At 55mm you will notice the effects, but perhaps limited to only a single stop or two at the most. At 200mm will will notice three stops advantage, and at 400mm this will become four stops.

The lens that the A7 misses is a fast wider-angle lens, which should be bridged with the advent of the FE28 (+UWA for 21mm FOV), at f/2.0. With this lens, you will not notice the effect of IBIS much at all. (1/FL is already 1/20th to 1/30th!)

If you want IBIS, I would wait for the A7rii or A7iii. The A7rii may not get IBIS, it may get 50Mp instead. The A7iii with IBIS may get another major fix: reduced sensor reflections. Neither A7 nor A7iii are true low light cameras - the sensor reflections are simply too much. The A7r is better at this already (as is the A7s, but this is a different camera all together).

With your budget, I would simply get the A7+FE2870 kit lens deal, and add the FE55Z (from ebay, if you want a discount). Even with taxes, you'll have quite some money left then

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