** Poll ** Your Age Group , Please.

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Guy Parsons
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** Poll ** Your Age Group , Please.

OK this has been done before but from memory the age groups were too wide, lets' see what the latest bunch of forum users come to with a more graphable poll.

No need to add a post with exact age, just tick the group as appropriate to try and get an accurate picture, in my case am 73 and surprised so far at how many 70+ seem to lurk here.

So, please vote as appropriate.

Warning to moderators, I will bump if needed to keep it on the first page for at least a few days.

Thanks and regards.... Guy

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Age 0-19 yrs
0.7% 5  votes
Age 20-29 yrs
6.2% 45  votes
Age 30-39 yrs
13.5% 98  votes
Age 40-49 yrs
17.8% 129  votes
Age 50-59 yrs
22.3% 162  votes
Age 60-69 yrs
24.9% 181  votes
Age 70-79 yrs
12.1% 88  votes
Age 80-89 yrs
2.1% 15  votes
Age 90 plus yrs
0.4% 3  votes
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