Always same complaints - one camera for all purposes (not feasible)

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Re: Always same complaints - one camera for all purposes (not feasible)

I can't believe how judgementlal you people are when the cameras haven't even been released.  I have three Canon DSLR's & I can do all the things with any of my cameras that Nikon users can do with there's.  I am sure that the same will be said about the new cameras when the are released & in use.  The Nikon 800 series is aimed more toward the landscapers & the D750 is better for action.  It is the same for Canon.  I am so tired of this self righteous opinionated blather.  If you prefer Nikon, shoot Nikon.  I like the AF, lenses & color tones of Canon better, but I know Nikon is a good camera company & I don't go on Nikon forums to brag about Canon or to put Nikon down.  Ever since this dr debate, some Nikon users & cheerleaders are becoming bores.  Some are down right obnoxious.  Bab

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