Why Used 6D/5Dx hold much higher value than Used Nikon D800/D800E?

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Re: Why Used 6D/5Dx hold much higher value than Used Nikon D800/D800E?

Slideshow Bob wrote

If you ended up with a problem camera, the only course of action is to make sure the firmware is up to date, and send it to Nikon if the problem persists. I'd stick to Thom Hogan's advice.

Thanks for the advice.

Since there is no credible WEB summary on D800X' sensor--alignment problem, all I can suspect after this long discussion is D800X's misalign problem is serious and not really fixable.

No I'd not count-on any single person's advice. It'd be brain-damaged stupid. Even Nikon or Canon's official announcement sometimes is partially reliable.

I've post another question to Nikon's thread, for my same intention. The combined summary after these is.

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D810 is much better than D800/D800E (with words i the cheek that d800/D800E are superior).

-- D750 would be much more preferable to D800/D800E and even to D810, all for the reason of faster AF and better coloring/dynamic range. ==> sort of suggest 5DIII should be in the same position of D750.

-- Still no one gives any problems that is similar or as serous as D800/D800E (sensor alignment error) or D50 (flare).

-- D800/D800E's sensor misalign can be fixed by firmware. => This is clearly an irresponsible solution.

The overall conclusion I get for my interest is, 5DIII should be less hassel in terms of design defect, but if I wait till the new 5Dxxx reaches market, I might have a chance to get an used 5DIII with similar low price as D800/D800E.

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