CF and SD cards for D800/E

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Re: CF and SD cards for D800/E

I recently purchased the D800E and purchased two memory cards with it:  A 64GB SD card at 95MB/s and a 64 CF card at 120MB/s.  The average RAW shot on the D800E is 40MB.  According to my calculations, that 1,600 shots per card before you run out of memory.  As it stands now, I use the CF card as my primary since it has a faster write speed and the SD card is used for overflow.  I've been shooting digital since they first came out and have never had a card fail on me, even when I was overseas in Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi where the temps fluctuated from below freezing to well over 100 degrees.  The key is not to format them on the camera and to make sure you don't do anything like attempt to pull the card while the camera is writing to it.

If I ever shoot a very important event, I'll shoot RAW to the CF card and duplicate RAW to the SD so I have a backup.

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