Nikon 135mm f/2 DC - Am I taking crazy pills here?

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Nikon 135mm f/2 DC - Am I taking crazy pills here?

So reviews on this lens are VERY hard to find, which means sample photos from reviews are even harder to find.  So what I gathered from the few reviews that are out there is that this beast of a lens is super sharp, even wide open.  So I gathered up the nerve to ask my wife to get this lens for headshot portraiture... as the insanely blurry backgrounds are what I was seeking, and this was supposedly the lens to do that...   
She reluctantly approved and I ordered this lens for my D7100.  It arrived and I snapped it on, took it to the park and took some photos of my daughter.  100% of them were super soft, even when I nailed focus.... anything past about 5 feet away and it looked like a point and shoot disposable underwater camera from Walmart circa 1984....     IQ was horrible...  Chromatic Aberrations were on the verge of making me cry...  HORRIBLE fringing...    
I thought I MUST be doing something wrong.... all settings correct, all rings on the lens were correct, hadn't messed with the DC ring yet...   just mushy crappy IQ wide open...   and out of all the reviews I had read, only a few of them discussed Chromatic Aberration wide open..
But how can this be?!  Even DPR description talks about how crazy good this lens is, even wide open..    
Took it home for some studio shots, controlled environment and an AF test for front / back focusing...  it was dead on on the AF test, so that wasn't it...     mushy IQ at anything over 5 feet away... 
I mean, I don't expect f/8 performance at f/2, but for how much this lens cost and how much people had raved about it... I figured it would be at least "really good" wide open... 
So has anyone else with this lens experienced this kind of IQ from this lens?  
I did a "side by side" IQ comparison vs my $100 50mm 1.8D...  just a controlled shot in natural light, on tripods, with a remote, mirror up triggering at all apertures...  the 50mm I moved in closer to match the framing of the 135mm:

Nikon 135mm f/2 DC on left wide open at f/2 - Nikon 50mm 1.8D on right, wide open at f/1.8 100% crop

As you can see, from this 100% crop on the focal point, the $100 50mm blows this thing away... the Chromatic aberrations on the 135 are just silly, and its mushy... 
The 135 catches up to the 50mm at f/3.2 and then is sharper from f/3.5 on up...   but as you can see here... pathetic wide open... 
Could this just be a "bad copy" of the lens?   It doesn't seem likely that there would be this much CA and softness just from a "bad copy", if such a thing even exists.

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