A6000 kit lens worth getting?

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Re: This data is from DXO!

re the Oly 12-50...

But remember it's not LENS performance that DXO tests; it's SYSTEM performance.

But it's systems we take pictures with


(I've added the Panasonic 14-42II which does about as well in the centre as a system compared to the  the 'crappy' sony kit, a little better in the corners (around 50% so 3.5MP). It does infinitely worse at 12, because it doesn't have a 24mm equivalent setting (and the Sony is doing just as well at 28mm equivalent where the Panny starts)

Now of course the m43 lenses are doing this on a 16MP sensor; so at one level you would not hand out prizes to the Sony engineers for this kit lens. It's getting about the same results on a 24MP sensor as the M43 ones are on 16MP.

BUT if you want a cheap walk around lens on your A6000 for non critical work the real results are no worse than with a medium quality M43 kit system.

Those M43 lenses may be 'better' as optical designs (though the sony is an amazing optical design give how small it is for APSC) and taking advantage of more of their sensors potential (which is effectively what a lot of lens reviews review).

But that doesn't mean that they produce results normalised to  print or screen size any better than this worse lens.

When you say "non-critical" work what do you mean exactly? I wonder how these kit lenses do for portraits and event photos as a professional. Will the 16-50mm and 55-210mm be terrible or will the person with an average eye ever notice?

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