1Ds Mark III vs 5D mark III

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Re: 1ds3 is unquestionably superior

I too own(owned/past tense), and the 5D is the keeper, particularly for landscape. lighter to carry, easier to spot focus in liveview. The 1D files are creamier as mentioned, but this is looking for the best out of the camera quality. The 5D files are "thinner" maybe, but they have all the info. They are differnt and they render information a but different, and I do like the 1D file quality, but I have sold it, as I edit all my images, and that little bit can be gained in post. now only if they provide a new model without AA. Then we would final start seeing clearly. It is almost 10 years now I have asked Canon to make a AA free/optional camera!! Get with it! MF DB's have had no AA since they started and is the major reason for their IQ success/among other things!

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