X-Pro1 for Street Photography?

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Re: X-Pro1 for Street Photography?

Sal Baker wrote:

h2odog wrote:

I have a chance of buying an X-Pro1 body in mint condition for $650. I would like to pair it with a nice prime for street shooting. Is this camera still worth it?

It is, but for street shooting you can get the X-E1 for even less. Same IQ but smaller and more stealth on the streets. The 23mm f1.4 would be a great matching street prime.


It comes down to wether or not you prefer an optical viewfinder. If not, go with one of the newer less expensive bodies. If you want the OVF, the XP1 is a great camera for street.

Is it worth $650? It depends on who you're buying from. You can pick a used one off of KEH for about that price and they offer a 6 month warranty on their used gear with a return policy. So if you can buy from reputable used camera dealer that will warranty your camera, then yes. If it's a private party, I'd say $500 should be the upper limit.

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