No image on memory card error

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Re: No image on memory card error

Scottelly wrote:

3dreal wrote:

keep all contact clean and format with sd-formatter-

if data should be recovered use photorec. if there are errors dont write/save anymore.

That's pretty confusing. By trying to abbreviate your answer, you have left questions . . . at least in my mind. Are you saying that if there are errors with using an SD card that someone should not use the card anymore? If so, please explain how I could use some of my micro-SD cards many many times with no problems, even after I had some errors with some of them. I believe that many card writing errors are quite often caused by stuff getting on the contacts of the camera or the card or by a software glitch that can be fixed by "rebooting" the camera (removing the battery and replacing it with either the same battery or another fully-charged battery). The software glitches can be a result of a power surge, which could be related to the battery, the temperature of the camera, the humidity level, or some other issue, like corrosion in a circuit. To just say that you think people should stop using a memory card because they had an error once or twice is . . . well . . . not really good advice, as far as I am concerned.

No i wanted to say, when data cannot be seen anymore one must stop using the card until they are saved. not touching it except cleaning and retrying to view data. then if still no success using photorec. if possible cloning the card.

maybe data can be seen and copied with knoppix-live-dvd. others and me were succesfull at least with hardrives where data were "lost" on windows-systems.

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