No image on memory card error

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Re: No image on memory card error

Scottelly wrote:

Gesture wrote:

I have not taken the trouble to log results, but using many cameras, I can't assign a set behavior.

Sometimes, I can put a card used in one camera in another and everything is fine; others times the camera will store to the card fine, but not be able to view the images totally or at all in playback; and other times, a reformat is prompted. Interestingly, even within an OEM, there is sometimes incompatibility.

Like others, I generally reformat in camera before taking any new images with a given card.

I think I'd agree with your sentiments about formatting memory cards. Years ago I learned that it is "safer" to just format a card, rather than deleting its contents or relying on the way it is formatted when I put it into the camera. These days I just do it to "erase" the photos on it, in order to make space (since my cards are almost always full when I put one in my camera to use it). I find formatting it works great, and it seems like the "right thing to do." What better way is there?

Formatting on a computer that also overwrites existing content, for example with Disk Utility for Mac.

The in-camera formatting of the DP2 Quattro, for example, renders the card unreadable for my Samsung tablet. Cards that rendered earlier Sigma cameras unstable also required a deep formatting on a computer to improve.

Once formatted, I turn on the write protection of my cards every time I use them with another device than the camera.

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