What's the noise inside FZ1000?

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Re: What's the noise inside FZ1000?

EcoPix wrote:

There can be some problems with the external mic workaround:

1. When I put my Rode on the hotshoe, I can't see through the viewfiner properly, as the shock-absorber mount protrudes back too far. I could use the rear screen, but for me the viewfinder is the reason for using the FZ-1000 - I have SLR cameras that can do wobbley out of focus video via the rear screen, and they're silent.

2. As soon as I mount a good external mic, I look intimidating. Subjects react much more than when using a smallish camera alone. I look as if I'm up to something serious; people notice, and get worried. They start asking things like, "Where will this be shown?" and "Are you recording what I'm saying?" These questions tend not to arise when just using a small camera.

3. My external mike picks up the noise anyway. It lies along the lens less than 2 inches above it, and the hiss recorded has the same rhythmic grinding quality as that recorded by the internal mic, just much reduced. But still audible in video made in quiet (bushland) environments in which one needs atmos of subtle sounds.

There are workarounds for the workaround, for sure, but where does it end? There is a case for using a good built-in mic in a quiet camera. It's ironic that in these post-tape days cameras don't need motors making noises, and yet now we have stabilisers making even louder noises.

#1. Not sure what Rode you use, but using the Rode VideoMic pro doesn't block access to the viewfinder at all.

#2. Yep. But then again, if you spent money on an external mic in the fist place, you have to be semi-serious, don't you?

#3. noise with a shotgun mic attached. With the Rode VideoPro recording in as silent spot as I could, listening back at normal levels for me, not able to hear anything. Cranking the volume up to an absurd level, yes, it's there. If there is any ambient noise at all, I don't think you would hear it.

Not trying to pick a fight, and I have no reason to doubt your experiences with this camera and your mic...but for the way I shoot video (mostly events), the internal noise has not been an issue at all.

There must be a way in firmware that whatever motor is whirring, could be turned off with an option in the menu. Maybe that's one of the trade-offs for the lower price? I wonder if the GH-4 has the same problem??

edit: in case anyone is wondering what the noise sounds like..go here and watch/listen to the sample movies. The 4th one on the page, (about 1/2 way down) inside a church, the noise is clearly heard.


here is another site...good example of both, with rode and without:


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