D610 vs D3100 with DX kitlens?

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Re: D610 vs D3100 with DX kitlens?

Dyun27 wrote:

KellydeJong wrote:

I have a nikon D3100 but I wasn’t happy about the iso performance. Therefore I bought a second hand D610. My only lenses are the 18-105 and the 55-300, they are dx lenses. I don’t always use high iso, so its not necessary to use the D610 as my primary camera. That said, I wouldn’t mind ditching the D3100 altogether.

What stops me is that Ive read that the picture quality on the D610 is worse with the 18-105 than on the D3100 because the sensor is bigger, and the higher megapixel count shows the ’flaws’ in cheap lenses. However, if I downsize the 24MP of the D610, will that change anything?

I mean, will pictures look better on the D610 after downsizing, or will I be better off to use the D3100 when I don’t need the high iso capabilities?

Either keep both cameras and lenses and buy FX lenses for the D610, or sell the D3100 along with your DX lenses and buy FX lenses to use with your D610. There is zero point in owning a full frame 24 megapixel camera if you use it with DX lenses in DX mode at a resolution of 10 megapixels. You're going to miss out on all the full frame goodness.

Agreed 100% ditch the DX lenses asap. If you're looking for decent and cheap, the 24-85 vr can be found refirbished for about 300 and the 50 1.8 can be found new for about 200. Both will run circles around the dx stuff.

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