This is new 50.6MP Canon EOS 5Ds !

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Re: Same ISO range as the D800E

Midwest wrote:

Photomonkey wrote:

Elaka Farmor wrote:

Photomonkey wrote:

What is really interesting is how many people are speculating on the failure of the camera before we are past the rumor stage.

If the rumor comes true, whats the problem?

If the rumor does not come true, I confess it´s a waste of time. The future will tell.

I said interesting not a problem.

I am not sure how you define failure or success of a 50MP camera? By comparing to the Pentax 645Z? The Leica S2?

It will outperform the 5DmkIII and will have more MP than the Nikon D810 so what is the standard? The Sony A7R has some things the A7S does not have so is one a failure?

As far as 50MP goes, that seems to be the major whine of Canon owners. Thus it succeeds. Incremental changes in other areas are nice but not what was being clamored for.

It appears that 'moving the goalposts' is another aspect of the photographic (equipment) hobby.

Not just for 'hobby', even more so for some photography professionals. Better technology nearly always means new/better opportunities, also in a creative sense.

For me these discussions are a bit pathetic, I remember similar discussions from the time when my customers were using 1-2 MP digital cameras (many of them professionally, if only because of the price).

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