What's the noise inside FZ1000?

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Re: What's the noise inside FZ1000?

Handymuss wrote:

I have just read all of the comments. Does everyone realize that just about any camera with an on-board mic will pick up any camera noise from either the camera or your hands? I do understand the constant noise that may or may not be present on other cameras, however. DSLR - you have to be very careful when you zoom, or when you use auto-focus because of the close proximity to the on-board mic picking up noise.

I totally understand the frustration from the noise, and for casual use, really understand the reluctance to purchase a shotgun mic. HOWEVER. The sound quality you will obtain from a Rode Video Mic Pro is outstanding, but it is pricey if you only intend to do video once in a blue moon. It is will worth the investment, once you hear the sound quality as opposed to the on-board mic quality.

Here is something else to consider. Do you have a consumer camcorder? You could also use the Rode on that too. As long as it has a mic in, 1/8 jack you are good to go. I also have a Canon SX-50 and purchased the Canon shotgun mic for that one, knowing full well you will get camera noise in the video, no matter what you do.

Depends on the DSLR. I also never noticed this much noise in my LX-5 which has stabilization or on my LX-7. I realize it's not the same mechanicals and the OIS on the FZ1000 is good. But it is excessive IMO.

My DSLRs(Nikon) had OIS in the lens and it was very very quiet. Of course focus and zoom is what it is. Everyone kind of expects that. But the FZ1000 just sitting still on a tripod is ridiculously noisy. You cannot turn it off, even when it is not needed.

If we don't complain it will never get better. We'll just continue to eat Chump Sammiches and ask for more please.

I was shopping for MICs even before I bought the camera.

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