Need Help. Automotive Studio Startup (Design, Quality, Equipment)

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Need Help. Automotive Studio Startup (Design, Quality, Equipment)

Boss has given me a $2000 Budget.

I general manage an established automotive dealership. I have recently expanded our floorpan for a photo studio to photograph and video the inventory. The floor space available for the studio is 26' length x 30' width and 10' height.

Facing north it is 26' in length. We are putting up drywall on this side.

Facing east it is 12' in length. In existing painted and textured drywall. Open space for the remainder 18', to the south east corner.

The south east corner has natural sunlight that comes through large pane glass windows. The windows are at a distance of 20' from the studio floor.

Facing south the 26' in length is completely open space. There is 4 feet in open walk way between the studio floor and an existing office wall.

Facing west it is 8' in length. In newly installed drywall. Open space for the remainder 22' to the south west corner.

The south west corner is dark open space.

The 10' ceiling is measured from the floor to the bottom of the flat beams supporting the open ceiling.

The 780 sq. ft. floor space is concrete.

My intentions and goals for this studio;

High quality pictures. Exterior pictures get the true paint color on each vehicle. Interior pictures get adequate lighting to highlight important features on each vehicle. Macro shots will be taken to highlight important condition highlights and faults. Each vehicle will get a 360° view, vehicle in forward on the first set and vehicle in backwards for the second set.

To my likings this dealership has a visually appealing setup. His cars come out very clear and effective.

Yes, It would make sense for me to contact him for his design, setup, and equipment. Competition is competition for me, I'm a little on my high horse to ask another dealer. haha.

Currently I have a Canon 5D Mark II with no quality lens. I currently use a 10-24 Tamron lens.

I also know that I would like to soft-box the ceiling lights. Somehow? I don't really know the proper way to do so.

I need help with the rest. Thank you for any suggestions!

Design: What ceiling lights to use? What wall Paint? What floor coating? Will my outcome be excellent the way I have the floor layout now or do I need to get curtains for the open area?

Equipment: Should I use a Tripod and Monopod? What would be a good lens? What kind of track system to use for the video? What lighting equipment do I need? Any other items I do not know I need?

I am not an expert. I apologize in advance if I miss anything important to note.

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