Epson 9600 -- way too magenta with CMS

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Re: Epson 9600 -- way too magenta with CMS

Nordstjernen wrote:

Proofing setup with the correct paper profile does not alter the colors, just a slight shift in brightness (and eventually a neglible color shift), which should be expected.

Things are going wrong after pushing the Print button. When using the popup print preview, this rough preview display turns out way too magenta -- and so does the print.

It looks like the printer driver works well, but that something happens when Windows Vista handles the data that is sent to the printer -- more like a disaster than a miracle, I would say ...

This is driving us crazy!

Have you tried changing the Color Engine? In Photoshop, (I have CS 6 Extended), click on "Edit" and select "Color Settings". The panel opens and near the bottom you'll see "Engine". Often, that's set to the O/S's engine, ("Windows ICM" in my case), but I changed mine to "Adobe (ACE)".

I also have the same problem you have but with Green Tint, (or maybe, lack of Red?). I'm not trying to overtake your topic and help, but my problem is very similar and I thought if I list it in detail, the info may bring out some things you hadn't thought of. So this is what's going on with mine:

I have two photo stylus printers; a R1900 and a R7600. My R1900 prints the picture perfectly with the proper balance of RGB. I always use the paper's ICC profile and the printer's color control is set to OFF.

In the printer's Paper Selection, Epson suggests choosing "Watercolor Rad White" if the printer is not going to manage the color, which I follow.

The problem in my case, is that the 7600 is printing my pictures with a green tint even though the exact, same settings and image on the R1900 produce a perfect print and balance. The "Green Tint" can also mean I don't have enough RED, no?

Anyway, I had set my monitor with an Eye One Display profiler and as I said, the R1900 is spot on in my numerous tests. Therefore, I'm going to run a complete Head Alignment operation on the 7600.

I did that a month ago but perhaps I screwed something up. I can't recall exactly which set I was dealing with, but that head alignment had one set of color sections way too high and so far off that I had to back it down significantly. It's VERY possible that it was the red or red pigment controls.

This morning, I went into the Color Settings of Photoshop, (the same one that I mentioned above), and I assigned the monitor's, saved Eye One color profile, as the "Settings".

The Color Management Policies, (RGB and CMYK), are OFF and the Engine is set to Adobe (ACE). I haven't tried to print anything with these settings yet.

In fact, I may revert the settings to the previous ones, (ALWAYS save and name the PS Color Settings as profiles before I change anything).

The reason is that I'm pretty sure this won't fix the problem in my case because the R1900 proved the settings were good.

I run Windows 7 64bit O/S and Photoshop CS 6 Extended

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