Anyone using a magnifier eyecup on A65 A77?

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Re: Anyone using a magnifier eyecup on A65 A77?

Runnicle wrote:

Hoaxx, I was looking for that very same table that you just posted. It does show that the FDA-ME1AM and the FDA-M1AM are not compatible with any of the Sony DSLT cameras. Well, I was clearly mistaken when I suggested the ME1AM for an a65/a77. But, it would have been hard for you to have found one anyway.

Maybe the best thing to do would be for you to buy a replacement rubber eye cup for your upcoming a65, and then attempt to modify it by gluing a rubber extension tube (from some unspecified source)? Since it will be a spare eye cup you can always fall back to the unaltered one if modifications prove unsuccessful. Good luck with whatever you decide. Runnicle

I have the FDA-A1AM and use it on my A99 and A55 just fine.  Have to set the EVF/screen switch to manual but it fits and works for me.  I can't swear I see 'all' the view all the way around to the corners, but when I'm using it I'm usually trying to really judge sharp focus somewhere more central anyway.

Flipping the mag switch and setting the A99 to magnified view with focus peaking is a great aid, especially for focusing on true infinity in the dark (e.g. stars).

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