Refuse to deal with camera retailers who are inflexible in their shipping options

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Re: Refuse to deal with camera retailers who are inflexible in their shipping options

pavi1 wrote:

Sorry but you do not have a great job if getting a camera delivered to work is a problem. End of the story.

No, it is NOT the end of the story. You have strangely misguided priorities if you think that a job is not great because of a "no personal mail" policy.

Let me tell you what a truly great job was: I went to work as a programmer for IBM in the "good old days" when they were the biggest and most successful computer company in the world. EVERYBODY knew who IBM was, and looked up to them. I got pay raises of 12-14% every year. I had 365 days of paid sick leave in any two year period. Wonderful medical benefits, adoption assistance, ample personal time off with pay for things like house closings, doctor appointments, and the like. Company-sponsored training classes all the time. A policy of "full employment", such that if my IBM plant or location got shut down, IBM would find a new job for me within the company, buy my house at fair market value, move me to another facility, and retrain me, all at their cost. And so on.

Plus, I got to work on the Apollo, Skylab, and Space Shuttle programs. I spent much of my time in the Mission Control Building at NASA, the one you've seen in the movies. Have you ever seen Alan Shepard, the first American in space, walking within ten feet of you? I have. Have you ever sat on a console in the Mission Control Building, doing flight controller support and developed personal friendships with NASA Flight Dynamics Officers (FDO's)? I have. Have you ever played a minor role in a TV commercial describing your company's involvement with computers and the US Space Program? I have.

I was treated as a valuable company asset, and found my work extremely interesting. My coworkers were the best; I keep up with many of them 40+ years later. I loved my job, and actually woke up in the mornings eager to go to work.

And, guess what? They asked us not to have personal mail delivered to the IBM building, because with 550 employees it would have been a non-trivial matter to deal with!  (Being on government contracts probably factored in as well.)  We all said "meh, this is such a wonderful company, and we love our jobs so much, no big deal".

So, don't tell me what constitutes a "great job". I had one, and have had others since that weren't so great, so I know the difference.

By the way: I notice that you are a CPA (perhaps that explains why your definition of a great job seem a bit out of whack to me). Just out of curiosity, how many movies have they made about YOUR chosen profession? If they ever did, I guess they could call them  "Calculator 13", "From the Accounts Receivable to the Ledger", "The Right Pencil", or whatever.

Hopefully you will never be laid off, and spend months looking for another job. But if you do, by all means tell the interviewers you won't consider taking a job unless you can get packages delivered to work. I am sure that will make a big impression on them.

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