Refuse to deal with camera retailers who are inflexible in their shipping options

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Re: Refuse to deal with camera retailers who are inflexible in their shipping options

This is more directed at folks who live in the US.

I bought something from a prominent camera retailer who, when they sent something out, made a signature required upon receipt. So since I was at work I missed the first delivery attempt from FedEx and will likely miss the second and third attempts due being also at work as well. So I login and see if I can either I change the delivery day to a day when I will be around or hold at the local FedEx facility so I can stop by and pick it up. Neither of those options were available. Neither was redirecting it to a friend or neighbor so they could sign for it.

The thing is, this is not the first time this has happened. I don't take issue at all with them requiring a signature. I don't live in a high crime area, but package theft can happen anywhere. I can fully understand them not wanting to be on the hook. But at the same time, some camera retailers set such tight restrictions on how something can be delivered that it makes it almost impossible for you to get your hands on the item you ordered.

I've tried calling one of the retailers in the past, and they apologize, and then saying that they lifted the restrictions, but they are still there. It took about 5 or 6 phone calls one time to one of the retailers to have them get ahold of UPS to modify the shipping instructions so I could pick it up at a local UPS facility. And another time, immediately after I placed something, I sent an email to customer service asking to please open up the shipping options so I can pick it up at the UPS store and they still sent it out with the restrictions on it.

Can't a balance be struck between making sure theft of item doesn't occur and giving the customer more flexibility so they can actually get the product in their hands?

When I get a failed delivery sticker on my door, I just go to the depot after the trucks get back and sign for it at the counter.

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