A7S - Initial thoughts

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A7S - Initial thoughts

I had been waiting for A7S to drop its price since its release, the A7 and A7R here in Hong Kong second hand body right now only cost around $1000 and $1300 respectively, but A7S?

Nope. There is simply no second hand in stores (we have a whole building that sells camera things, lens and bodies etc) and even if it pops up in online trading website, it cost almost as much as the normal price. So anyway, I traded my A6000 and got a A7S new

Album link is here: imgur.com/a/QQTMW/

Lens used were: CV21 and FE55

Very minimal post processing were used. The cat shots are ISO-10000 and the temple is ISO-32000 (but my focus wasn't spot on so the writings were blurry)

My experience so far:

This is basically my dream camera, I didn't even know I would enjoy it so much.

Having silence shutter, gentle to the legacy wide angle lens, great ISO performance means that it is the perfect street photography camera.

This is especially true for the small glass like the CV15, it starts with F4.5 and the great ISO performance and the power of raw editing, you can basically use it at night time and it will still be OK. This opens up so much more with what I can do with my existing lens.

12MP is probably a big no-no to some, but I am not a big cropper.

The rendering of A7S is beautiful, in fact it was the rendering that really attracted me in the first place. I am not sure if it's just me though, it feels very unique and pleasing. The lobster photo for example, it is extremely contrast heavy but still renders each layer of red extremely well and that is with ISO-12800.

Overall, perfect camera for my style.

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Still new and learning, any tips would be GREAT

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