a real EVF for Sigma DP series

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Re: a real EVF for Sigma DP series

Well, i do understand Your critics .. pov .. and i fully agree that it would be best to have a proper VF, be it electronic or optic.

So without doubt it´s completely up to You to make use of such a "thing" or not or look at it as "stylish" (wihich i doubt it is). But perhaps You got a wrong impression about the usability of this item.

I used to keep the Digifinder attached to the screen all the time. My small favorite camera-bag just fits perfectly to this combination as shown on the picture.

Since a few years i am in need of reading glasses. So it´s pretty hard to see the informations on screen with my normal glasses. To change all the time of course is very unpractical.

Now somehow i can handle it a bit better - has my eyeview really improved?! - so i keep the unfolded Digifinder in an extra department of the baggie. If in need i just click it to the DP2 without any further settings needed and off i go. 1 second, 2 seconds? I can´t complain ..

But sure: completely up to Your taste (and probably depending on how good You can handle the "only screen" solution .. )

BTW, by searching for a demo-video i came across a pretty interesting but quite some more expensive product: basically same solution, but more variations of use .. one of them pretty intersting: it somehow redirects the screen image and You can use it as an eyefinder (90 degrees view). That can make up for the lack of a tilting screen ..

If that sounds interesting: it´s the Varafon Multifinder ..

(for me: too much money in the moment ..)

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