a real EVF for Sigma DP series

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Re: a real EVF for Sigma DP series

dp series starting from original up to merrils have NTSC and PAL video output.

about 320x240.

DMillier wrote:

I have a DP2M, cables, an android tablet and android phone, both of which have usb sockets but I don't know how, if it is possible, to make them talk to one another.

My G6 can provide a live view and remote control to my tablet via wifi which looks promising but the live image it provides only uses half the tablet screen so is barely bigger than camera LCD - which limits it usefulness for that View camera viewfinder experience. If the DP2M can provide a full screen live feed to a tablet via cable that would be helpful for landscape composition.

the bman wrote:

DMillier wrote:

Is it possible to hook the USB output to an external monitor rather than an eyelevel EVF (eg a tablet or an ipad, say)?

When using a DP on a tripod it could be useful to be able to see a nice big view of the scene..

The Quattro becomes inactive when the usb lead is plugged in, I haven't tested the Merrill however.

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