Would like to upgrade from A55 to ?

Started Nov 4, 2014 | Questions thread
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Re: Would like to upgrade from A55 to ?

Lelly wrote:

Hiya. love my A55 and, with my frequent travelling and main 16-80mm Zeiss lens it seems to be the ideal camera for me - at present. With your desire for better low light performance, have you used the multi-frame noise reduction option much, for static objects? It can really clean up the image well at high ISO and I've frequently been pleasantly surprised with the results. Using the MFNR can even double the highest ISO to 25600.

Good luck.


This is perfect timing question as I have had my A55 since I think 2011...and I am having a few issues so was going to send for repair which will cost minimum of 200.00.

So decided to see if there was something out there to just upgrade. BUT looking at Sony I am having the same issue that there is nothing that fits everything...darn it!

Would love one of the smaller camera's but does not have the Stabilizer in the camera.  And I would want it for wildlife - riding in a safari car :-)The a7II has stabilization if I remember correctly but the frames per second are slow.

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