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Paulo Matos
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Re: Klaas - did you notice the post is over two years old

PERCY2 wrote:

Paulo Matos wrote:

Scott Everett wrote:

Hi Paulo,

Indeed, I am reading these forums.

Interestingly we've gone through several iterations on our thinking of how to move challenges forward, address known issues, and ultimately, offer something truly compelling to our users. The existing codebase is ancient at this point and not a good candidate for building on top of, so all possible roads come back to starting fresh (from a technical standpoint), which is the main challenge for us right now as it translates into a significant resource cost to do this.

For now, what I will say, is that 2015, from an odds standpoint, is the closest we've been to moving forward with plans for Challenges. Once we're there, I will be engaging with the community in here to ensure we're on the same page (to the degree it's possible, a lot of differing opinion on where this should go as you may have noticed).

Hi Scott,

While I, as well as Ruth, am not happy with your reply, thank you for your time taken to answer us.

It should be obvious to anyone that any changes to the challenges system will have some costs to DPR. So I guess your decision to move forward will need to calculate what are the costs of still doing nothing (reduction of traffic because there will be less people, or less honest people, interested in the challenges and lower quality of the photos in competition) along with what could be the benefits if challenges are improved (attract more traffic for the same reasons).

This decision should have been obvious to DPR a long time ago.
DPR was highly reputable (still is?) and if there was anything that impaired DPR image, the same thing should have been immediately corrected or at least finished to prevent further damage.
Yes, I am suggesting that challenges should have ceased to exist / should cease to exist.

Another suggestion is to narrow the degree of engagement with the community if that means doing something. By other words, please don't let so many different opinions expressed within the community to slow down or even stop your planned improvements.

Finally, why thinking big instead of testing right now small upgrades which I am confident would not harm your budget? Let some interested hosts run a different set of challenges that have some changes meant to be used as tests for the future.

Hope this helps and that your reply wouldn't take so much time as this one.


thumbs up for you Paulo!

Hi again Scott!

Any news?
2015 has arrived, as well as your one month between replies interval.


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