Canon FA-DC58D 58mm Filter Adapter

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Re: Canon FA-DC58D 58mm Filter Adapter

Canon G Lover wrote:

I had the same question about the tension of the spring and I did not like it; The adapter has three springs and I solved my problem removing two springs and the adapter works very good with this small tension. To make this modification you need an small screw Phillips screw driver; I did this modification on the adapter of my G12 and now looking for an adapter for a G15 I found your question, I hope the adapter of the G15 has the same construction like on the G12 (the G12 adapter does not fit the G15).


Sorry for the late reply but I missed the post and it did not show up on usual alert.  Hard to tell for sure but it looks like the FA-DC58D has three springs as there are three Phillips head screws clearly visible so you could probably make the same adjustment as you did on the G12 adapter if you find it to be necessary.  Seems to work fine for me as is and appears to be well made.  Stamped with: Canon Inc. Made in Japan.


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