Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Re: Olympus MySets, do you use them?

Guy Parsons wrote:

Consider this to be a roundup on how people may use their Olympus MySets.

♦ Do you use the MySets at all? Many like me never do as too awkward on E-PL1.

I will when I get my replacement body.
I make good use of the C1-C2 settings on the GX1 and LX5

♦ What MySets do you use, a brief rundown, no need for fine details.

One manual setup for night sky
One HDR/ shadow lift curve
One slow sync/fill flash party setting
Whatever else might be nice to have set up for an excursion.
(these based on what I've been doing on the Pannys, I might not have enough spots on the M10)

♦ Are they used often or little?

Might be used extensively/exclusively on a particular outing, then not used again for months

This is a self seeking exercise to see how people may use their MySets to inspire me what to do when my E-PL5 arrives. The E-PL5 of course can have MySets assigned to the Mode dial so suddenly MySets make sense to use, just like I always use the C1/C2 setup on my Panasonic LX3.

Programming the Panny custom sets are pretty easy, straightforward and very useful.
It looks like the M10 might be only a bit more work to assign a custom set.
I would have really missed that if Oly didn't have the MySets.
I question the lack of dedicated location(s) for the presets
The picture story will be the first to go.

Thanks in advance for any contributions.

Thanks again for your contribution to understanding the Oly hidden menus !

Regards.... Guy


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