Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Re: Use them all the time...two frequently and two less often

Guy Parsons wrote:

Consider this to be a roundup on how people may use their Olympus MySets.

♦ Do you use the MySets at all? Many like me never do as too awkward on E-PL1.

♦ What MySets do you use, a brief rundown, no need for fine details.

MySet 1: my standard handheld shooting mode. S-AF with face detect, Auto-ISO, IS1, flash disabled

MySet 2: Flash enabled with ISO 400, LFn button temporarily invokes MySet 1 while pressed so I can quickly take an Auto ISO shot without flash at a time when I am mostly shooting with flash.

MySet 3: handheld fully manual shooting with default ISO of 200, MF, SAF without face detect

MySet 4: Tripod Mode - all manual with IS off (I know that's debatable), and shutter delay on.

Each mode has different custom button assignments that I'm actually constantly tweaking.

♦ Are they used often or little?

All the time. I also frequently modify settings while I shoot, so whenever I take my camera out I assign the proper MySet in case I changed something last time I was shooting.

This is a self seeking exercise to see how people may use their MySets to inspire me what to do when my E-PL5 arrives. The E-PL5 of course can have MySets assigned to the Mode dial so suddenly MySets make sense to use, just like I always use the C1/C2 setup on my Panasonic LX3.

I wish the EM5 allowed you to assign mysets to the mode dial.

Thanks in advance for any contributions.

Regards.... Guy

Thanks for the thread. Questions like this always bring responses that suggest new ways to use features I never bought of on my own.


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