Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Re: For Russ, re Panasonic LX3 C1 & C2

Guy Parsons wrote:

rkhndjr wrote:

Guy, what is C1-C2 on LX3? As many as I have had that means nothing to me. Since I still use the LX3 I would like to know how to use it.


Hi Russ, I do hope you are keeping well, surviving your winter? We bask in too much heat and humidity at the moment.

C1 and C2 positions on the LX3 mode dial are customisable. When turning to C1 whatever setting you have stored for C1 are available, I use A mode all set up for normal daylight use.

When turning to C2 there's a subset of C2-1, C2-2 and C2-3 available that can all be different setups. Between C1 and C2 there's 4 custom setups that can be stored.

So the way to use say the C1 dial spot is to use the camera in your usual A mode or whatever setup you like to use most and store that setup into the C1 storage, then next time you twist the dial to C1 the nice setup is there and all temporary fiddles are reset back to your nice setup, just like MySets on the Mode dial for Olympus.

On the LX3 to store the current camera setup to the C1 or any of the C2-1/2/3 storage spots then (hold on while I retrieve my LX3 from the anti-humidity case) .....

Once your camera is set the way you like in say A mode or S mode or whatever then press...

Menu - left - down to wrench (setup menu) - right - zoom to tele (skips to page 2 of setup) and you land on CUST. SET MEM. - then go right and then up/down select the storage position for that camera setup, choices seen being C1, C2-1, C2-2 and C2-3. Press OK to store the setting then get back to shooting by twisting the dial to C1 (if you used C1) where your stored settings now appear. Too easy. A more logical thing to use than the Olympus MySets which are lost in the usual menu magic.

Hope that helps.

All the best..... Guy\Thanks so much Guy. I had posted above that I remembered what you were talking about, but it is always nice to hear from you. I have cancer and been off forums a while. More later when I email you.

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