Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Guy Parsons
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MySets = camera goodness.

honeyiscool wrote:

I dabbled with them, but they never really became part of my shooting. I do use one MySet, usually, and it's that I change the iAuto setting to a simple P mode with +.3 compensation, so no matter what I was doing, I can just hand the camera over to another person and put it in that mode and have them take pictures for a while. I never personally use them.

In E-PL1 days I never used the 2 only "custom resets" as they were really painful to use.

But when the E-PL5 came along with 4 MySets on the Mode dial possible then it made a lot more sense.

Most used settings easily available and easy to switch to and a nice reset to the MySet at each turn on or twist of the dial. That got rid of the mistakes caused by last night's experiments forgotten strange settings causing grief the next day in the daylight.

I really liked the C1 & C2-1/2/3 customisable dial positions on my Panasonic LX3 so was rather happy when an even better scheme came along with the E-PL5.

Regards.... Guy

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