Olympus MySets, do you use them?

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Re: Olympus MySets, do you use them?

Guy Parsons wrote:

♦ What MySets do you use, a brief rundown, no need for fine details.

♦ Are they used often or little?

I am a big fan of the MySets.  My current settings are:

* Everyday (Things That Hold Still):  basically, Aperture priority with focus peaking, AE lock set to spot meter and lock exposure.  Used Frequently.

* Spray and Pray (totally unplanned shots): Program mode, auto ISO with a high maximum, face detection, burst mode.  This MySet is assigned to the iA dial so that I can flip to it quickly.

* Street/B&W: Aperture Priority,  monochrome (even though I am shooting RAW+JPEG, the monochrome helps me to pre-visualize the shot), and zone focusing.

* HDR and/or Bracketing.  I change the function from time to time, and I don't use it often.

I would probably use more than four MySets if Olympus offered a way to name them and a way to back them up to a card.

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