What's the noise inside FZ1000?

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Re: What's the noise inside FZ1000?

Maui Son wrote:

I have a new FZ1000 and just discovered the hiss/whirring/grinding from the camera mechanism that is put into every video when using the internal microphone.

The noise is continuous and unacceptable, especially in situations such as these: filming a quiet outdoor scene where there is occasional bird song; filming an interview; filming a single child at play in his room; filming a musical performance that has quiet moments (take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X--zaoqebNQ); filming any scene in which there is not enough continuous ambient sound to mask the noise from the camera.

The “answer” of course is to use an external mic. I had planned to buy an external mic, but planned to use it only in occasional situations. But the FZ1000 forces you to pay $200 or so for a Rode Videomic or other, and worse yet, forces you to carry it with you and attach it whether you wish to or not.

As you can tell, I’m not a professional videographer -- simply an amateur who takes great care in shooting and editing personal videos. The FZ1000 is a wonderful camera in so many respects that I hate to discover this serious limitation.

I bought the camera from Amazon and will most likely, with great regret, return it.

Very understandable.  Greek tragedy kinda flaw in an otherwise excellent Camera.  I love mine, but don't blame you for returning it.

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