The 24 1.4G is just incredible...check this!

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Re: The 24 1.4G is just incredible...check this!

Rick_Hunter wrote:

Lance B wrote:

Rick_Hunter wrote:

Lance B wrote:

Rick_Hunter wrote:

Very, very good? Yes! Incredible? No, if you consider its price tag and the fact that the picture was shot at F8. For example my Zeiss 35/2 is at least as sharp by F/5.6... and it costs nearly half.

Yes, but it's 35mm and f2 not 24mm and f1.4.

Correct. What I meant is that I actually would expect such a performance from a modern 2000$ pro-grade wide angle prime stopped down to F8 at base ISO on an incredibly nice and clear summer day on a high resolution body. Conditions are all optimal so I expect great performance. And the lens delivers, indeed.

The thing is, it is much more difficult to design a 24mm f1.4 AF lens than it is to design a 35mm f2 lens that is manual focus.

The other thing to remember, the result is much better than would have been achieved with the 16-35 f4 VR and the 24-70 f2.8, so, the whole thing is justified, ie the thread, the expediture on the lens and the result.

So, I guess then, why comment in a negative fashion? I just don't think it was warranted.

Oh for God's sake, I have been misinterpreted. Of course the picture is super sharp! But then again, let's make a check list:

- 2000$ professional grade, fast aperture prime lens? check.

- optimal aperture of F8? check.

- optimal base iso of 100? check

- super high resolution body with wide dynamic range? check

- incredibly crystal clear summer day with perfect light? check

- interesting subject with lots of detail both in foreground and background? check

- shutter speed fast enough to avoid any motion blur? check

- careful and tasteful processing? check

If a 2000$ prime lens would not perform to this (very high) level with these conditions I'd seriously send it to Nikon to have it checked. So it's simply the term "incredible" used by the OP that I find a bit over the top. Incredible in my book is when something goes well beyond expectations. This is certainly superb performance, but not incredible, it's what (or slightly better than) I'd expect given the conditions above. Is my point clear now?

Semantics - Superb performance but not incredible. Hmm. Different strokes for different folks.

I just don't understand why you even needed to make the comment, especially a commment comparing it to a 35mm f2 manual focus lens at "half the price", which is exactly what I would think a 35mm f2 manual focus lens would cost compared to a much more difficult to design auto focus 24mm f1.4 lens.

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