Canon 6D in camera lens corrections

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Re: Canon 6D in camera lens corrections

Two things are being slightly confused in this thread.

"Micro-focus correction" which is lens-specific and allows you to set the auto-focus compensation for a specific lens instance. Used with care this can improve sharpness of your lens if the lens+camera combination is mis-focusing slightly. Playing around with this without care can result in de-focusing your lens and thereby making things worse.

"Lens correction" involves loading profiles into your camera for each of your lenses. These profiles contain data about image distortion, chromatic aberrations, and light fall-off for each lens design. This information is specific to each lens model. Correcting in-camera only applies to JPEG images, for RAW images your RAW processing application reads the EXIF data and can apply similar corrections in post-processing. Note that the 6D only has memory available for a maximum of 40 lens models. Updating the installed lens profiles involves attaching the camera to a computer and using the EOS Utility software to load new profiles.

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