The 24 1.4G is just incredible...check this!

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Re: The 24 1.4G is just incredible...check this!

Rick_Hunter wrote:

Very, very good? Yes! Incredible? No, if you consider its price tag and the fact that the picture was shot at F8. For example my Zeiss 35/2 is at least as sharp by F/5.6... and it costs nearly half.

Well, you are comparing your Zeiss 35 to Nikon's 24 so here we have different focal lengths. And for the record... if you compare any of the Zeiss 35's to the Zeiss 25 - they're all cheaper in price compared to the Zeiss 25 f1.4.

My point? 24 mm lenses are traditionally higher priced than 35's, thus your price argument is not applicable here.

Oh, I could say my Sigma 35 f1.4 is just as sharp at 5.6 as well - but again, we're not talking about the 35, we're talking about the 24.

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