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I love loupes for obtaining manual critical focus. The 3X enlarges the screen. However I am in a bit of a search, as I also want to be able to shoot RAW video when ML support comes about (its getting close now). That leads me to look at the LCD screen image enlargement options

And this is why I opened the thread. If you poke a whole in the bottom of a loupe, you know can insert your finger and set focus points on a 3X screen. Sounds like problem solved but NOT!

Surface mounts put a plastic shield on the lcd for attachment - touch screen AF is lost!

Bracket mounts attach at the bottom, so they either prevent or hinder bottom wholes to access the touchscreen.

Perhaps there is a surface attach loupe which still supports the touchscreen? That's one my questions ??? Has anybody used one that does this???

Perhaps there is a hotshoe attachable loupe bracket ??? That's one of my questions??

Ok so here it is a loupe, Neewer type of 3X LCD loupe (check amazon).

It has a flat base 7cmx3cm, which is perfect to cut into.  If you keep a 4mm lip, you can attach it to the LCD screen plate an don't need additional attachment.  However for a 70D you will want to poke out the LCD screen cover, as it will prevent you from using the touchscreen.  Check it out.

And here is the screen plate with cover removed.  This lets you pull focus with your finger.

It works fine, and does not let much light in.  If by chance it did, you could put some velcro tape on it, then shoot without touching the LCD screen (i.e. MF only).

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