Worth getting the 14/2.5 just for its small size?

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Re: Thank you all and some comments/answers

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Hi again,

thank you all for your replies. As you read the 14mm focal length is already served by the 14-140 lens and the main reason I was thinking of this lens was its small size and fast AF. On the other hand I am not really the guy who keeps changing lenses. Up to now I use the 14-140 in good light and the 20mm in low light or close ups where I love its sharpness. The 14mm had a longer minimum focus distance so it wouldn't give me anything in that respect.

I ordered the GX7 with the 14-42 because I already had the 20mm and read that the 14-42 is a very good lens. I will probably sell it and try to find a used 12-32 lens which has similar size and is more wide.

As someone at the amateur and budget end of m4/3, I am using and enjoying my Panasonic 14mm much more since purchasing the add on converters DMW-GWC1 (converts to a more useful 11mm), the GFC1 (fisheye) and GMC1 (macro). Available as a set (DMW-GCK1) or individually (need to shop around for best prices). Just thought it was worth a mention if you are considering a 14mm.


Never heard of this Kit before !! It really makes the 14mm very interesting.How is the quality in wide and macro?

Yannis, I'm happy with the quality of the converters - but I'm not necessarily a good judge of these things. You can search for more authoritative reviews on the net (or some on YouTube) - or they have been discussed before in these forums. The main drawbacks, especially for the wide converter is that it does not allow the use of any add-on filters or lens hood; also as the camera does not know it is there I assume the jpegs are not optimally corrected in-camera for distortion. However, I don't notice it in most images and corrections can be applied in post processing if needed. The fisheye of course looks more distorted, although not at all extreme. The macro has little useful effect on the 14mm. The whole set also has an adapter for the PZ 14-42 lens where the macro adapter becomes much more useful.


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