Jupiter 9 85mm F2 lens on Nikon D750? Adapter need!

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Re: Jupiter 9 85mm F2 lens on Nikon D750? Adapter need!

Hi. I don't have a D750, but I have used M42 to Nikon adapters on my D700, and never had a problem with the mirror fouling the back of the adapter. And I'm not sure about the Canon body you mention, but there is certainly a problem with some M42s on the Canon 5D - and that's complicated because it varies between the 3 iterations of the 5D. Also, the M42 adapters to Canon don't need the optical element to achieve infinity focus, as they always have to do for Nikon, so it's a completely different situation. But I don't think the chip will be the important factor, it will be how deep the lens-holder sits in the throat of the mount (I have used a chipped Series E 50/1.8 on my D700, and the chip is nowhere near the mirror).

But I have to ask why you think you need a chipped adapter? You'll be able to tell the D750 that you're using an 85/2 lens through the non-CPU lens menu, so that you can meter properly; and the AF confirm light will work without the help of the chip.

The chip in that link looks a bit amateurish to me; it's a while since I looked but my M42/Nikon adapter of choice (I've had several over the years) is made by Kood (although the name isn't actually on the adapter). I've got some test pics I did with my Jupiter 85/2 on the D700 somewhere, but I've just spent half an hour failing to track them down on this computer. I'll post them if I find them. If I can't find them, maybe I'll stick that combo on the Df the sun's shining outside at the moment.

There is sometimes a different limitation to using M42/Nikon adapters - which is to do with how far the rear element retreats into the throat of the mount as infinity focus approaches. I have one M42/Nikon adapter where my early (8 element) Takumar 50/1.4 can't focus to infinity because it fouls the inside of the adapter; not a problem with either of the later versions. So I got another one (adapter, not Tak 50/1.4!), which works fine with all my M42s and never a hint of mirror slap.

However! I used to kid myself that the loss of IQ caused by the adapting lens (which also acts as a 1.1 Teleconverter, by the way!) was negligible, but in truth it isn't - and that's on a 12 MP D700, it would surely be more noticeable on the D750. It doesn't mean you can't take decent photos, though, you just won't be getting the best out of the lens.

[I tested this by using some of my Adaptall lenses - with M42 mount + optical adapter, and then with the proper Nikon AI-s adapter. That's how I was able to measure the TC effect.]

I'm sorry to say, I've just about given up with M42s on Nikon, and I'm probably about to start offloading them on ebay. I still use old MF glass of one sort or another - for example the widest lens I currently have for use on my Df is a Tamron Adaptall 17/3.5, and the longest a CZJ 300/4 - it's a P6 Medium format lens, with an adapter to Nikon F that doesn't involve an optical adapter. Likewise my CZJ "Olympic" Sonnar 180/2.8. One I haven't got but which is high on my wish list is the legendary Nikkor 28/2.8 AIS.

Are you the Attila of MF-Lenses fame? If so, you and the other guys on there have given me a lot of good reading/looking down the years.

A few hours later...

I found the earlier pix with the D700, and today took a couple more on the Df. To be honest, I'd forgotten what a pain it is to use pre-set lenses, rather than an auto-diaphragm lens, but hey-ho, if the IQ is good enough, a little inconvenience is a small price to pay. I wouldn't say this is the best I could do with the Jupiter, but it's probably not far off. I didn't keep a record of the aperture for the radio array; the more recent shot from my bedroom window was f/5.6.

Radio array with the D700

That's the f/5.6 shot.  Neither look much at this size, but go to the 100% versions to get a better idea of the IQ.  Please note, everyone, I'm not extolling this combo, I have absolutely no doubt at all that my Nikkor 85/1.8 would have been both easier and better than the Jupiter.

For the OP - I think you are certainly well up to speed on the IQ issues, and your question was all to do with "mirror slap".  I've just shown that the Jupiter 9/85 f2 works with no such problems on the D700, and the Df.  I have doubts about the particular adapter you linked to, but if you want to use this lens on D750, go for it!

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