Worth getting the 14/2.5 just for its small size?

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Re: Thank you all and some comments/answers

Yannis1976 wrote:

Hi again,

thank you all for your replies. As you read the 14mm focal length is already served by the 14-140 lens and the main reason I was thinking of this lens was its small size and fast AF. On the other hand I am not really the guy who keeps changing lenses. Up to now I use the 14-140 in good light and the 20mm in low light or close ups where I love its sharpness. The 14mm had a longer minimum focus distance so it wouldn't give me anything in that respect.

I ordered the GX7 with the 14-42 because I already had the 20mm and read that the 14-42 is a very good lens. I will probably sell it and try to find a used 12-32 lens which has similar size and is more wide.

As someone at the amateur and  budget end of m4/3, I am using and enjoying my Panasonic 14mm much more since purchasing the add on converters DMW-GWC1 (converts to a more useful 11mm), the GFC1 (fisheye) and GMC1 (macro). Available as a set (DMW-GCK1) or individually (need to shop around for best prices). Just thought it was worth a mention if you are considering a 14mm.


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