Oly OMD-EM5 Battery Holder Question

Started Dec 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Oly OMD-EM5 Battery Holder Question

Last month I returned my 18 month OMD E5 for repair due to the camera locking up and requiring the batteries to be removed and replaced prior to it waking up. To my surprise I received a brand new camera!!
This morning I assembled the camera and because I had only 1 charged battery, I placed this in the camera and attached the HLD-6 grip without a battery.
All worked as it should...then I attempted a portrait shot and moved the 'lock' switch on the battery grip holder to the unlock position. The camera's shutter began to roll off photo after photo....it was as though i was using a motor drive. It would stop for a second or two and begin once again...tripping furiously without my finger pressing either of the shutter release buttons.
I contacted Olympus who advised i return both the camera and the HLD-6 and battery holder.
It was then i decided to search for similar problems encountered by OMD E5 users....after reading this thread, I conducted a little experiment; the wayward shutter behaves normally when a battery is fitted to the handgrip and to the camera.
Has anyone else encountered this bizarre (fault), auto shutter release?

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