Worth getting the 14/2.5 just for its small size?

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Re: Worth getting the 14/2.5 just for its small size?

I don't think that owning the 20mm should deter you from getting the 14mm.  They are sufficiently different to not be redundant.

I had the 14mm for about three years, and I just never warmed up to it.  Maybe it was my copy, but I wasn't that impressed with the images I got from it.  The tiny size is a big plus, though.  I bought mine used for $180.  I recently bought the 15mm, and though I considered keeping the 14 just because of its size (mental rumination: "maybe I'll get a GM5 some day...."), I ended up selling it about a week ago for $179 on Craigslist.  Not bad, I think, a $1 cost for using it for three years.

A few years ago it was widely available on eBay for about $180, removed from a kit.  I don't know if that is still the case.  If you like the 14mm focal length, I'd say give it a try, at least if you can get one in that price range.  Lots of folks like this lens more than I did.  And it is wonderfully tiny!

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