Fuji X-T1 - Manual Mode via EVF with Flash

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Re: Fuji X-T1 - Manual Mode via EVF with Flash

historianx wrote:

Turn OFF "Preview Exposure in Manual Mode."   Default is ON, that's why it's so dark.  End of problem.

Every couple weeks the same inquiry pops up on this forum.  I have requested a sticky for those to refer to, but it seems to be falling on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Thanks historianx. Found the appropriate page in the manual last night and turned it to OFF. Works fine now, but default of ON seems a bit ludicrous to me. The title of the setting 'Preview Exposure in Manual Mode' is I suppose self explanatory once you think about it, but the more natural setting for this should be OFF. Having it set to ON is almost like going back to to the old Zenith's or Prakticas (yes I am that old,) where you had to stop down the lens to get the correct meter reading prior to taking your shot leading to a fairly dark image. Again the amount of reading of the Manual to identify appropriate settings and ensuring that you don't have a faulty camera is disproportionate to anything I ever had to do with any of my semi pro Nikons which in the main seemed incredibly natural to use compared to the X-T1. This is just another reason why, although it might look like one, I feel that this is definitely not a beginners camera if you want to get creative. Please don't take this as negative criticism of the camera. It is a fantastic tool and makes you think more about the shots you are trying to take which is fantastic when on holiday or doing something special. Guess I just have to bite the bullet and read the manual from cover to cover again (for the third time.)


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