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Erik Pronske wrote:

I don't mean to sound like a smart ass, but I have finally learned/disciplined myself to use the iPhone to geotag the images. After taking the image with the NEX 7, I just pull out the iPhone and take a similar image. I just sync the location on the iPhone to the NEX images in Lightroom. By doing this, I have actually created a nice body of work for the iPhone. I am sure this is possible with other smart phones.

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Erik H. Pronske, M.D.

I have used a phone for GPS logging like this as well but it is definitely not ideal. You have to remember to ALWAYS take a photo in order to get precise GPS coordinates. Let's say you are visiting a site that has a large area (Angkor Wat for example), you might not pull out the phone for every spot in the area so you end up tagging a bunch of photos in one place when really they were a hundred or so meters apart.

Other things to think about:

GPS on the iPhone doesn't work if you don't have data turned on.

Remember time setting the time or time-zone on all your cameras. If you are using a phone as a GPS logger, it will update it's time automatically. Not sure if camera's with built-in GPS do this or not. But in some cases my phone has updated but I didn't update the camera and then you have to adjust the time of all your photos which is easy in Lightroom, but can't be done simply by editing the properties in Windows.

Separate GPS loggers are really handy when you have multiple cameras.


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