Sensibility versus definition

Started Jan 7, 2015 | Questions thread
Tom Axford Veteran Member • Posts: 9,796
Re: Sensibility versus definition

PeterBM wrote:

Why, for the the same camera, have i the same sensibility for different image definitions?

For example for a given scene:

- full definition 4000x3000 pixels at 200 ISO F4.0 good time is 1/100s

- 1/4 definition 2000x1500 pixels at 200 ISO F4.0 good time is still 1/100s. Why isn't it 1/400s ?

The second case of 2000x1500 is 1/2 definition, not 1/4, and one would expect the lowest shutter speed to drop from 1/100 to 1/50. However, determining the slowest shutter speed depends on how steady you hold the camera and that can easily vary hugely from shot to shot, e.g. if you jerk the camera as you release the shutter.

Don't worry about it, unless you reduce the definition a great deal more (e.g. down to 400x300), you'll probably not notice the difference in minimum shutter speed.

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