Sensibility versus definition

Started Jan 7, 2015 | Questions thread
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Re: Sensibility versus definition

PeterBM wrote:

Why, for the the same camera, have i the same sensibility for different image definitions?

For example for a given scene:

- full definition 4000x3000 pixels at 200 ISO F4.0 good time is 1/100s

- 1/4 definition 2000x1500 pixels at 200 ISO F4.0 good time is still 1/100s. Why isn't it 1/400s ?

Not sure I get what your getting at but from what I think you mean, the output resolution of the file has no effect on the exposure, hence why you see no difference in settings.

You're camera will still use the whole sensor to capture an image whether it be outputting 4000x3000 or 2000x1500.  The sensor hardware will dump the information it captures to the image processor that will then output the file.  Image output resolution has no direct relation to exposure.

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