Autofocus hunting on D800

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Re: Autofocus hunting on D800

HBen Lazar wrote:

I've had auto focus issues with my D800 in low contrast situations. For example, shooting on a city block, with the subject being a group of buildings about 100 yards away. Do a google search on it. I've been advised that it can be a lens calibration issue. I haven't as of yet calibrated any of my lenses for the D800, which is something I need to do.

Hello, I use a nikkor 600f4 VR lens for wildlife and find the hunting problem almost unexceptable on my D800.It cost me many many images and frustration.
It is not confined to low contrast and makes one grab at shots because of the uncertainty of actually getting it.
Does any setting eleviate this problem??Neil Foster (NZ )

I use a 600 AFS with an 800e and AF generally works very well. Usually I use C focus with single AF point or 9 point and with AF lock off or low.
Some 800's did Have AF problems and you may have a defective one. What settings are you using?

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