NP-FW50 Weight - varies

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Re: NP-FW50 Weight - varies

I just purchased a A7 Mark II from Best Buy and received the camera with a VERY different looking NP-FW50 battery. I have no reason to believe that Best Buy is swapping out batteries from the box, so I think Sony has "newer" batteries which seem to follow along with the weight of your A6000 battery mentioned in this post.  The weights I found were:
Older NP-FW50 batteries: 56g
Power 2000 NP-FW50 compatible battery: 47g
New NP-FW50 battery: 42g
Definitely felt different immediately and the scaled proved that to be true.  The battery almost felt a bit hollow compared to the others.
All the other NP-FW50 batteries I have (qty. 10) do not have a hologram on them and don't have any laser cut wording on the side like the new one.  Also, the new one has a label which I think the makers of the fakes would be embarrassed of.

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